Are you a certified Therapist or Personal Trainer?

Are you looking for alternative ways to put your patients and clients back on their feet?

Are you looking for an exercise regime which builds strength, stamina, balance, coordination and agility but is also safe and low impact?

Become a Move Wild Coach and you will:

1. Add new alternative exercises to your curriculum which not only build strength, flexibility and fitness but they also work at a deeper physical (i.e. fascia, nervous system) and psychological (i.e. mindful movement) level.

2. Be equipped to better help your patients and clients to recover from injuries in a safe manner.

3. Grow your practice and business by expanding on your offering, giving more value to your customers.

4. Broaden your skills and knowledge for yourself and your clients’ benefit

6. Be part of the Move Wild Academy community where we challenge the current fitness trends.

What can a Move Wild qualification do for you as an instructor? It can help you:

  • Earn more money as you now have another qualification under your belt.
  • Start your own business.
  • Broaden your skills and knowledge for yourself and your clients’  benefit.
  • Growing your business by expanding your offering, give more value and be able to charge more.
  • Alternative ways to help your clients meet their goals.

Our Move Wild Courses are endorsed by The National Governing Body For Group Exercise EMD UK.

If you’d like to know more contact our Wild Team.