Do you want to get fitter, stronger and able to tackle almost any physical challenge you set your mind to? Join our Move Wild classes or Personal Training programme and achieve just that…. and more.

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Learn about Move Wild exercises and training methods.

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Are you a professional in the fitness industry? Do you believe there is something missing in our industry? We do as well. Become a Move Wild Certified instructor and bring back quality in fitness and exercise.

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Move Wild online workouts….

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Running Technique Articles

Are you a runner? Do you want to run faster and further but without the risk of of injuries? The Merisoiu Technique is based on Natural Runnning Technique, POSE Method of running and more. Learn more about how injuries occur, how to avoid them and how to best manage them when they do happen.

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Check out our eBooks published by founder Alexandra Merisoiu.

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Build strength, power, stamina, mobility and flexibility, improve your posture, raise your energy, and become your strongest ever.


Run faster, further, with less effort and fewer injuries by understanding what causes your running injuries, how to prevent them and how to manage them if they do happen. Discover the source of your frustration and becomes the best runner your can become.


Have you signed up to an obstacle course race and are not sure where you begin? Move Wild Academy and The Merisoiu Technique have you covered. From how to negotiate slippery surfaces, to how to traverse a lake using a rope and how to deal with the barbed wire, you will get an insight into techniques that will get you ready to run your obstacle course and enjoy yourself in the process


Looking for ways to bring your team together? Look no further, Move Wild Academy is the answer you have been looking for.


Have an injury you can’t shake off? Have your physio given you the OK to resume exercising but you find yourself back in their office? Move Wild coaches have been working with osteopaths, physiotherapists and more in helping patients make a full recovery. Move Wild training can be gentle on your body and our patient coaches will take you to full strength and confidence in no time.


Looking to reduce your weight, tone your body and have more energy? Move Wild Academy is the place. If you also love the outdoors then you are definitely where you need to be. Join our Move Wild classes or have Personal Training sessions and begin your weight reducing programme today.


I was ready to take my fitness seriously and wanted to be challenged. I had tried other things and I just didn’t feel they were getting to the route of things. I needed to find something that would grab me, keep me interested and, equally important, that I could fit around my very busy schedule….this mean odd hours.

I was tired (and quite bored) with the traditional approaches and knew that there had to be something more interesting out there. When I found Alexandra’s site, and I read about Alexandra herself, what she had achieved and her approach, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more. I was impressed by Alexandra’s achievements and her approach to training…it didn't hurt that she was very nice, focused and clearly interested in each individual journey. Not a ‘one-size’-fits-all’ approach.

I found in fun and challenging. I began to hurt in places I didn’t k now exists! And I very quickly learned a lot about my body and abilities and it made me look forward to improving and finding out how far I could push myself. I felt back in charge, no hiding place.

What words describe your experience?
• Effective, challenging, whole body and fun.
• Brought me back in contact with my body and back in control.
• Feel more confident with my body.

What do you like about the Move Wild training?

I really enjoy…

• the tailored one2one lessons, that monitored and adjusts as I progress.
• finding out just what my body can do and wanting to do more
• having fun doing unusual things, reminding me what it is to have a capable body
• it makes me feel strong and ready to take things on
• I have strengthened my core and my overall body, reclaiming confidence