I was ready to take my fitness seriously and wanted to be challenged. I had tried other things and I just didn’t feel they were getting to the route of things. I needed to find something that would grab me, keep me interested and, equally important, that I could fit around my very busy schedule….this mean odd hours.

I was tired (and quite bored) with the traditional approaches and knew that there had to be something more interesting out there. When I found Alexandra’s site, and I read about Alexandra herself, what she had achieved and her approach, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more. I was impressed by Alexandra’s achievements and her approach to training…it didn't hurt that she was very nice, focused and clearly interested in each individual journey. Not a ‘one-size’-fits-all’ approach.

I found in fun and challenging. I began to hurt in places I didn’t k now exists! And I very quickly learned a lot about my body and abilities and it made me look forward to improving and finding out how far I could push myself. I felt back in charge, no hiding place.

What words describe your experience?
• Effective, challenging, whole body and fun.
• Brought me back in contact with my body and back in control.
• Feel more confident with my body.

What do you like about the Move Wild training?

I really enjoy…

• the tailored one2one lessons, that monitored and adjusts as I progress.
• finding out just what my body can do and wanting to do more
• having fun doing unusual things, reminding me what it is to have a capable body
• it makes me feel strong and ready to take things on
• I have strengthened my core and my overall body, reclaiming confidence